Amazing Australian National Parks Worth Visiting

More than ever before, Britons are choosing to pack their bags and head southward to start a new life in Australia. Moving to Australia from UK cities is a popular move for several reasons. The two counties share a common language, history and culture, making the transition that much easier. Moreover, the country is awash with areas of tremendous (and virtually untouched) natural beauty. In order to preserve the areas where this natural beauty is at its most breathtaking, the Australian authorities have set up numerous national parks across the country. If you’re planning a trip to the country – or perhaps to take up permanent residence there – then you’ll want to consider a visit to each of these places an obligation.

Royal National Park

This is the oldest of the country’s National Parks, having been declared in 1879. It’s to be found in New South Wales, just south of Sydney, and so is within easy travelling distance of the capital and connected population hubs. The original name of the park was the rather unoriginal ‘The National Park’, but it was renamed in honour of a visit by the newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth II in 1955.

During the park’s first few years in operation, its mission was to provide natives of Sydney with a place to relax and enjoy themselves. At this point, the population of the country was so low and its impact so minor that environmental and conservation issues weren’t a problem. Today, environmentalism is at the forefront of the park’s mission. It’s crammed with some of the most picturesque forests, rock formations and beaches – and really demonstrates some of the best of what the country has to offer.

Kosciuszko National Park

This national park is more of a draw for the winter sports enthusiast. It’s home to the country’s tallest mountain, with which it shares its name. It’s here that you’ll find some of the best opportunities to get your adrenaline flowing: in summer you’ll be able to go mountain biking; in winter it’s skiing and snowboarding on offer. But even if you aren’t keen on risking life and limb, you’ll be able to explore dizzyingly beautiful peaks and valleys, as well as caves and lakes.

The park is, naturally, so enormous that it’s difficult to see the entire thing in a week – much less a day. If you’re planning a short trip from a longer break in Canberra, then the park is just a few minutes away.

Ikara Flinders Ranges National Park

This particular park is special as it’s there to preserve some important ruins from the earliest period of European settlement on the continent. Also to be found here are significant sites of Aboriginal rock art, and fossil remains. It’s an ancient and rugged landscape in which you’ll find large expanses of grassland, and unique rock formations which conceal unique and beautiful wildlife.

As well as this, this arid part of the country is home to a vast bestiary of plants and animals who’ve adapted to the conditions here. Among the park’s most notable locations is the Wilpena Pound, which is what remains of a mountain range which has been reduced to relative flatlands over the course of several million years. It’s around eighty-kilometres wide, and forms a natural amphitheatre with just a single way in and out. As such, it was a natural fortification for early European farmers in the area, who would use the area to protect their herds against predators.

Purnululu National Park

This national park is particularly notable for being home to a very unusual rock formation, the Bungle Bungle range. These mountainous stacks have the appearance of large beehives, and are comprised of sandstone and pebbles. They were created thanks to a unique combination of influences; the sediment came to be deposited here more than three-hundred million years ago, and has since been shaped by wind and rainfall into the massive dome-like structures we see today.

The area has been used by Aboriginal peoples for millions of years as a hunting ground, especially during wet seasons when more plant and animal life was available to hunt. If you’re staying in Western Australia, you should make a point of paying this part of the country a visit.

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