Reasons to Visit Bangalore

How much, about Bangalore, do you know? There are so many things that you may not be aware of, about this city in India and as such, you have never thought of touring the region. The information about the city that may be availed in the public domain may be limited. There is so much that you may not know about this city. Getting there is very easy, you can find cheap flights and hotels online.

Location and Geographical Features

Bengaluru is located on the south-east part of India and lies in the centre of Mysore Plateau. The climate is moderate throughout the year, and as such, you can plan a trip to this city at any time of the year. Rain has a tendency of falling in the evening, or late at night, which gives you plenty of time to explore the city, during the day.

Main Attractions in Bangalore

Most of the people who visit Bangalore come on business trips, because they can find commodities at extremely low prices and be able to make high returns. This is one of the business hubs that have experienced exponential growth in the recent years. The fashion industries are quite rampant, and this is a key attraction of this city. However, there are so many other things that you can enjoy in Bengaluru.

Parks in the City

There are a number of National Parks, which you can tour and explore the diverse flora and fauna. The main parks, in Bangalore, are:

  • Cubbon Park, which the children will really love as it has a train for the kids. There so many different types of plants in this park.
  • Lalbagh is at the centre of the city. You will find trees that have been here for over a century as well as unique rock formations.
  • JayaprakashNarauan Biodiversity Park is one of the most visited places. The 4 lakes inside this park are the key attractions, for most people.

Monuments and Museums

If you would love some little bit of history, there are historical monuments as well as museums in Bangalore. The Bangalore Place was built in 1862, and this gives you the true impression of the Windsor Castle, built in England. If you want a feel of what the early engineers did, the Tiou Sultan’s is the place to visit.

Government museum has some old sculptures, coins, jewelleries and so many other things from the past. In the Karnataka Folk Museum, you will get a collection of instruments, utensils, weapons and masks among other things. There are also galleries that have a display of works from popular painters like Jamini Roy and Raja Ravi Verma.

Best of Nature

If you are looking to reconnect with nature, Bangalore offers you the perfect atmosphere. Take a trip to the Nandi Hills, and you will love everything about it. There are so many special features that display the magnificence of nature, and you will definitely love this place.

Plan a vacation to Bangalore and interact with the locals. Try the local cuisines, and you will be glad that you chose to visit this city.